Frequently Asked Questions

What is the American Hemerocallis Society?
It is an educational and scientific organization devoted to the genus hemerocallis.  It is also the organization charged with registering the cultivars of daylilies for the world.

What does hemerocallis mean?
It is the genus of daylilies and is from the Greek language meaning day beauty or beauty for a day.

What colors do daylilies come in?
They come in almost all colors except a true blue.

How to plant a daylily in Kansas?
Dig a hole about 12 inches deep and place a mound of soil in the hole.  Then spread the roots of the plant on top of the mound and cover with soil.  The crown of the plant should be at soil level.

What diseases affect daylilies?
There are a couple of fungi that can cause unsightly foliage but usually do not destroy the plant. They are leaf steak and rust.  Rust is the one you hear the most about.  It causes yellow spots all over the plant and spreads rapidly.  At this time it will not over winter in our climate.  In the south they do use several different fungicides to try and control it.  Another disease that is bad for daylilies is crown rot. This can be caused by bacteria or fungi and it is usually fatal to the plant.  A 10% solution of Clorox can be helpful to try and control it.

What are leaf miners?
This is the larva of a small fly that lays eggs inside the layers of the leaf and the larva travel in the leaf eating its way down the leaf.  This leaves a white trail behind.  The current knowledge says these do not hurt the plant but can be controlled by using a systemic insecticide.