About Wichita Daylily club

Welcome to our website! Our purpose is to promote fellowship and goodwill while encouraging the interest in the beauty of the Hemerocallis and membership in the American Hemerocallis Society.

Our History



The club was started in 1970 by a group of people led by Mildred Simpson.  They called the group “Beauty for a day Society”.  This group later changed its name to Wichita Daylily Club.

For any years in Wichita and surrounding communities there was an ever increasing interest in the growing of daylily cultivars. It should be noted that the botanical name for the daylily is hemerocallis which comes from the Greek words hemera and callis or day beauty. The history of the Wichita Daylily Club goes back to 1970 at a meeting of local gardeners interested in daylilies held in the yard of Mildred Simpson with some fifty charter members. Eventually said society changed its name to the Wichita Daylily Club by which we are known today. The purpose of the Wichita Dylily Club is “to enrich and celebrate the growing of daylily cultivars in an atmosphere of friendship” Membership in our club is open to all gardeners, young and old. At our monthly meetings we have educational lectures, slide shows and plant drawings; and during the spring and summer seasons we have tours of daylily gardens and a daylily show held at Botanica: The Wichita Gardens. Botanica is where the public can view examples of daylily cultivars grown in this area. We also have daylily sales where our members and the general public will have an opportunity to purchase a multitude of daylilies at reasonable prices for planting in their own gardens. Come join us for good gardening fun and friendship.


Membership Today

Our annual membership fee is $10.  Our meetings usually have guest speakers and snacks provided.  We welcome visitors who wish to know more about benefits of planting and cultivating daylilies in Kansas.

We welcome visitors and new members who are interested in sharing their love of daylilies and their desire to learn more.

Cindy Lindquist, President
Ten Things We’ve Learned From Daylilies
  1. Delight in a sunny day
  2. Wear your crown discreetly
  3. Flourish despite the dirt around you
  4. Never be blue
  5. Mix well with others
  6. Fragrance is superflous
  7. Every color, size and shape is the perfect color, size and shape
  8. Happiness is in clumps
  9. Give it all you’ve got, then rest
  10. And most of all . . . live as if each day is your last

Why Join Wichita Daylily Club?


  • Dennis White, President
  • MaryLou Lundblade, VP
  • Floanna Crowley, Treasurer
  • Dennis Zitterkoef, Secretary
  • Sherryl Fitzpatrick, Membership Chairman

What We Do

Herb Day Sale/Daylily Sale in May 2020 (date pending)

National Convention: More info on the AHS website www.daylilies.org.  Click on Conventions.

Regional Meeting:  See above for more info.

Accredited Show: in June 2020 (date pending).  Open to the public at 1pm.

Sale: September 2020 (date pending)

What We Share

(coming soon)

Please join us in encouraging interest in the beauty of the Hemerocallis!